Activating Destiny Helpers


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Jesus needed a man to prepare the way ahead of him. Jesus needed a man to reveal him to the world.

  1. Father, that man that you have created to prepare and strengthen the way before me, bring him into activity, let him begin to do that which he has been created to do in the name of Jesus. That woman you have created to go ahead of me, to prepare and strengthen the way for me, bring her into activity, let her begin to prepare the way for me in the name of Jesus. Pray and say Father please, engage that man and woman for my sake, bring that man and woman into activity for my sake in the name of Jesus.

There is a woman or man prepared by God that is to run ahead of you to prepare the way for you in whatever you want to do.

  1. Father, that man or woman that you have created and raised up for the purpose of introducing, announcing and revealing me to those who will be a blessing to me, Father engage them and bring them into activity now for my sake in the name of Jesus.

I stand in agreement with your desires because now is the time for the activation of destiny helpers, I speak under God’s authority, that woman and man created by God to introduce, announce and reveal you to those who will of help to you, may God from now engage them you to work for you in the name of Jesus. All of your helpers that have gone to sleep, by the reason of the activation that the spirit of God is doing, the Lord will wake them up in the name of Jesus. Thank You Eternal Father.

1 Chronicles 12 vs 20-22

I pray for you that out of every tribe, out of every tongue, out of every nation and out of every kindred, every one that God have apportioned to be of help to you I life, may they fall in your line and in your part in the mighty name of Jesus.

By creation we are not expected to live independent of one another. God has created man to live interdependent on one another. No man is an island. Every man functions alongside other people. That is why when God created Adam, He couldn’t stop with Adam, He had to create another person to be with Adam because there are certain things Adam would not have been able to do all by himself except that person shows up for him. And help is inevitable in the journey of life. Nobody can do without help in life. It is a very vital element and component of our journey in life. Without help, the journey of life become burdensome, it becomes lonely. Without help, life journey became frustrating. But when God brings help your way, life journey becomes easy. It becomes interesting. It becomes very light.  Life becomes enjoyable when God brings help your way.

I pray for you maybe you have been carrying the burden of walking through life all by yourself and all by your strength as a result of this teaching and the impartation of the word of God, God will bring helpers your way that will make the journey of life easy for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Nobody fulfills destiny without people around to help him. Fulfillment of destiny will be an impossible task without helpers around us. There are certain people God has sent your way in life to help you. Not everybody in life will be of help to you. But there are certain people God have marked by himself; when God was creating them, He put into them a chip that will make them to identify you and be of help to you in life. They will walk into other people, that chip in them will say to them this is not the person you are created to help so they walk past that person. But they moment they get to you, there is a click and then they stop by you and they offer help to you whether you know them or you don’t know them. Helpers are God ordained.

One of the most frustrating things in life is for a man to seek help where help cannot be obtained from. It could be very frustrating. When you look in the wrong direction for help, it could be very frustrating.  And the degree of the success you record in life is the function of the number of your destiny helpers that you have made connection with. The degree of help. The more of the destiny helpers you connect with, the more the success you make in life.

And I pray for you that as the spirit of God helps you, because you are going to make great success in life, because you are going to have breakthroughs in life, God will cause you to connect with those people that He has prepared before the foundation of the earth to be of help to you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Let me quickly tell us what it means to activate;

To activate means to make active. To make something functional. To activate means to cause something to act according to specifications. In physics, to activate means to make something to be more active. That thing is already active but when you activate it, you excite it to become more active. So, when we are talking about activating destiny helpers, we are not just talking about bringing into activity those who have been silent we are also talking about making to become more active those who are already working. Some people are already helping you but they could help you much more. When you activate them, you energize then to do more for you. Somebody has been doing certain things to help you but the person still has capacity to help you beyond what he is doing. So, activation will push them into that new realm of help unto you.

And I pray for you that those whom God have ordained to help you in millions (Talking in terms of finances now) but have been given to you in hundreds, by activation, Gods will open their hands to begin to act according to capacity in the mighty name of Jesus.

You need to know also that there are realms that you can never get to without helpers of destiny. Except you find those helpers, except they become active in your life, there are certain realms you cannot get to, there are certain heights you can never get to, there are certain achievements you can never have in life until you come across them.

Where we read in 1st Chronicles ch 12 vs 20-22, “There fell to him” Fell to him….I picture it like those things were hanging somewhere, they were all hanging and the man was walking, like the man walking in the fields where you have trees and fruits on them and as he was walking, the fruits that were ripened for him began to drop, began to fall and they were falling inline, he was bending down and he was picking them. He wasn’t the one looking for them, the bible says they fell to him.

I pray for you, you have struggled all these while looking for help, looking for helpers but after now, it won’t be you looking for them, they will be the ones coming to look for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Now these people were not ordinary people. The bible says they were captains. They were mighty men of valor. They didn’t need anything from David. They weren’t coming around David because they needed favor from him, no, they were self-sufficient on their own but because it has been destined that David would need them to win the battle, then they came around all by themselves. The bible says, “And the helped David begin the band of the rovers” David would not have gotten victory but for these people that fell to him of Manasseh.

I pray for you that the extra support you need to breakthrough, that the extra support you need to emerge, the extra support you need to get up, the Lord through the helpers of destiny will bring it to you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Now when you look at it, none of those people came from his family. So, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that those who will help you are members of your family. No. If anything at all, the bible says that a man’s greatest foes are members of his family. So, if there is anything you should expect from your family, expect enemity. Because many of us look up to that Uncle, that Aunt, that sister, that brother, you get angry when your immediate senior is not doing something to help you, you get angry when your Uncle that you feel has the capacity to assist you is not assisting you. You get angry and you get frustrated and then you just dump everything there.

Who told you that your helpers in life are members of your family? Who told you? That is not the way God programmes things. They don’t have to be from your family. In fact, they don’t have to be people you know. As a matter of fact, God can use your enemies to help your destiny. They will think that they are working against you, they won’t know that they are working out God’s purpose for your life. So, it for you to pray to God to help you to discern when you come around those who are your helpers in life.

And I pray for that God will open your eyes so that when you come across them, you will know them in the mighty name of Jesus.

Ecclesiastes ch 4 vs 9-10 The bible says two are better than one. There is nobody that can prove otherwise.  Two are better than one. If God says two are better than one, you can’t prove otherwise. Two are always better than one that is why it is said if you want to go faster, go alone but if you want to farther, go in company. You need the strength support of other people to endure the distance. You want to go fast, you can run fast and you get tired and you sit down. That is where your strength can carry you.  But if you have the support of the strength of others, even when you are tired, somebody hooks you by the hand and then they keep dragging you so you go farther in life when you have the strength support of other people around you. So, the bible says “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor, if they fall, one will lift up his fellow but woe to him that is alone when he falleth for he had not another to help him up.” Now many of us would think that this scripture was written for marriage purposes. No. It wasn’t just for marriage. God was taking about partnership in life. About companionship in life. About the fact that you have need for other peoples’ assistant in life. Two are always better than one.

In that 1st Chronicles that we read, the bible says “At that time, day by day, there came to David to help him.”

I ask myself “There came to David, who? What? to help him. God just went silent. I thought God would have said “there came to David so so and so, xyz to help him.” But God just says there came to David to help him. What fills that missing gaps? Helpers of destiny. They came to him day by day to help him until he was a great host like the host of God.

I pray for you that as you walk through life, the helpers of destiny will be more around you than the destroyers of destiny.

Because they are all there. There are those who are seeking your destiny to destroy and there are those who are seeking for ways to help you.

I just want to quickly open our eyes to what helpers of destiny can do in our lives.

In 2nd Chronicles ch 26 vs 1

When you put the foot of a boy into the shoe of a man, you surely have given that boy a task big for him to handle. A 16 years old boy was forcefully taken by the people I am sure against his will and they made him king. I am sure the first day he must have sat on the throne, he must have asked himself so, how are you going to do this, I am sure he must have been blank. In the first place when he sits and people that are old enough to be his father come around to prostrate, he would want to stand up and prostrate too. He must have been confused because his strength would not have been able to sustain him there but see what happens Hosea. God has positioned a man around him, a prophet Zechariah. And the bible say he went to Zechariah to go and seek wisdom. And he said listen, I don’t know how to do these. I don’t know how to be a king. I am too young to be a king. And the man began to tutor him. Was telling him. This is how you do, this how you talk, this how you look.

And the bible says that as he sought the face of the Lord through Zechariah, the Lord prospered him. What meant to be a weakness in him suddenly became a strength. And all the day of Zechariah, vs 4–5 of 2nd Chronicles 26 “And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord…..” So, what he couldn’t see, the helpers of destiny positioned by God around him helped to see. He didn’t have an understanding of visions but Zechariah and understanding of visions so, Zechariah would call him and say “This what is going to happen next and this how you would position yourself for it.” And so, people just saw him operating and they didn’t know that somebody else was behind the success of his operations.

I pray for you that the weakness in you that would have dragged you in the mud, the Lord will bring somebody else besides you whose strength would sustain you up in the mighty name of Jesus.

So, Zechariah was a destiny helper for Hosea. When you read vs 15 of the same chapter, I mean 2nd Chronicles ch 26, At what age? So, apparently, he wasn’t him doing it but he was the one taking the glory for the work been done. People came to him. Because when you read further, it says “For his fame spread far and wide for he was greatly helped.” So, people came around and said, “Look we need to strengthen the defense of this country,” He says “How?” One came to him and said “Look, I know how to make this, I can come up with an invention by which we can shoot arrows, no other nation around us has ever done that, we will do it for you.” And they did it for him. After all he is the one that will go and launch and they will say “Oh, during the time of Hosea via the king, xyz were put in place. He wasn’t the one doing it. Helpers came around him, made it happened for him but he was taking the glory for what they were doing.

And the bible says that “His fame spread far and wide until he became powerful.” Until he became powerful. So, what that means is that all the while these were happening, he was still powerless. So, that is to tell you that none of those things were accomplished in his own strength, he didn’t have the power for it. He was powerless but some people came, they never allow for his weaknesses to be exposed. They will never allow for any shame to come to him. So, they were doing it, making up for him until he was strong enough to stand on his own then they left. That is what helpers do. They take you to a point where they know you can’t go down again if they leave you and then they allow you to move on in the journey of life.

I pray for you that in the area of your powerlessness, the Lord will surround you with people whose power will become your advantage in the mighty name of Jesus.

So, how do helpers of destiny operate?

1 Helpers of destiny will recommend or suggest or nominate you where you will be favored. You won’t be there but they will be your mouthpiece there. When somebody says “oh, is there anybody that would do these project for us?” Someone will just raise up his hand and then he will suggest you. He will introduce you to them. He will say, “Oh, there is a company I used to know. Oh, they have integrity, they are very good with what they do, I think I can introduce them to you”. That is how helpers of destiny operate. 2nd Samuel ch 6 vs 10-11. How did that happen? David on his own didn’t just carry the ark and put the ark in the house of Obededom. David must have asked the question, “Where do we keep this thing?” Because you remember Uzzah has just died because he touched the ark. David was afraid and said no, this thing is not going to my house but where can we put it? At that point why was it the name of Obededom that was mentioned? The scripture says “For thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion for the time to favour her, yea the set time has come”. It was the set time for the tide to turn for Obededom. But Obededom was not there. The ark could have gone somewhere else. I am sure it must have been one person that hated Obededom that spoke up. He said “Ok, you are looking for where to dump it, ok, there is a man that must die. His name is Obededom. He is the poorest man. In fact, he has bothered all of us. Every day, he is coming to beg, beg, beg, beg and beg”.  And David said “Oh is that it? All right, Obededom’s house, here we come”. And they just moved there. And like they say beggar has no choice, when you see the King in your house and the King says I want to keep something in your house, who are you to say, no, you can’t keep it there. And then the man said all right, bring it in and the ark was taken in but let me show you something, when you read verse 11 of 2nd Samuel 6, the bible says “And the ark of the Lord continued in the house of Obededom”. The bible didn’t say and the ark of the Lord “remained” in the house of Obedidom. There is a difference between ‘remain’ and continue’. When you say, something remained there, it means sitting there but when it says continued, it means that thing is doing something. It continued. Continued to do what? It continued to prosper him. It continued to change the story of Obedidom. The story of Obedidom would never have changed but for that enemy helper of destiny.

Joseph said to his brothers. He said for you meant it for evil but God has turned it around for me. And then somebody will just suggest and sometimes you wonder, “who told them about me?” It is a destiny helper. You may never get to meet that person for life. It may remain a mystery to you. “Who nominated me?” Hmmm.

I remember when I was having my youth service and towards the end, one of my friends, we were in the followership together, unknowingly to me wrote an application for a job he saw their advert, wrote one for himself, wrote one for me and submitted the applications without telling me.  My wife will bear witness to this. But then I didn’t know. I was serving in the East and had travelled and then by that time, we were already courting, so a neighbor of theirs was watching network news with my name as one of the people that have been called for an interview, so he called my mother in law and said “I saw someone name that looks like the name of the guy you introduced to me as the fiancé of your daughter.” Somehow, they contacted me, “Did you apply for any job?” I didn’t apply for any job. “But your name came out.” Ok, there is no error in trying so I travelled back and discovered that it was actually my name and that was how I did the job until God told me to resign and come into full time ministry. It was after I got the job that my friend told me he submitted the application for both of us. He wasn’t even called for the interview and guess what, he was more qualified than myself. He wasn’t called. God used him to put me in that place. They will suggest you. When they are looking for somebody to fill that vacancy, somebody will just go and drop your CV without you knowing in the might name of Jesus.

I pray for you that the presence of God in your life will never be silent in the mighty name of Jesus.

When you read 2nd Samuel 9 vs 1.. David wanted to be a blessing to someone, you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you just feel like doing something good to somebody. How many of us have ever felt that way before? You just have money and you just feel to dash it out or you just wake up and you feel like to empty your wardrobe to just give to people. How many of us? Some of us don’t feel that way. So, David woke up one morning and he says, “Is there still any left of the house of Paul that I may show him compassion for Jonathan, my friend’s sake?” And everybody went silent. And then one man said, when you read vs 2, And the bible said “And there was of the house of Paul……..” Now between vs 1 and vs 2, there seems to be a disconnect. The king asked a question and then the next thing we read “And there was a house of Saul whose name whose Ziba….” There is a missing link. After the king asked that question, somebody must have spoken that “I don’t know if there is anybody left but there is one man that will tell us, his name is Ziba, he lives at No 5 Cairo street, Wuse 2, Abuja.” And the king said all right, go and bring him. The first helper of destiny was to introduce the man that would eventually introduce Mephibosheth to the king. You could see the chain. And then Ziba came. Ziba could have said “Oh king, there is nobody.” Because the glory of Ziba was a function of the glory of Mephibosheth. Ziba was enjoying what was meant for Mephibosheth, so naturally he would never have mentioned Ziba’s name but he said ok maybe the king may get to know later, let me mention his name but let me discredit him. He said “Oh king, there is still one left but he is lame, he is not the kind of person you will help.” But the King said, I am not interested in status, all I am interested is, is he of the household of Saul? As far as he is of the household of Saul, whether he has a first degree or NCE or school leaving certificate, it doesn’t matter, he must be the one to fill in this position. And they sent for him.  And then he came. And then that changed the story of Mephibosheth. Somebody introduced someone that introduced Mephibosheth to the King.

I pray for you, the person that will link up with that other person that will eventually bring you to the place of blessings, may the Lord connect all of them together in the name of Jesus.

Helpers of destiny will protect you, they will defend you even in your absence. They will protect you. They can lay their lives down for your sake.  They can do that. 1st Samuel 14 vs 45…..’Never’. It says never, you know what happened? They went to war and the King had made all of them to swear to an oath that they will never taste anything until they returned and as they were going about everything, the man saw honey and he did what? He ate. And words got to the King that your son had broken the oath, he had eaten honey. So, the King said on my honor, Jonathan must die. And all the people cam e together and said that will never happen, we are going to rebel against the King. That this one that has brought great deliverance to the land, you want to kill him, they said it will never happen. And they said “As surely as the Lord lives, not a hair on his head will fall to the ground.” Have you seen people that are ready to fight the King? They were ready to fight the King. I don’t know how many they were that went to battle but you can imagine out of Nigerian army, maybe one battalion were sent on assignment and somebody violates the rule and the Chief in Chief said they should go and kill that person and the remaining part of the battalion said we are not going to agree, we are going to rebel against the President. How long will it going to take for them to be wiped out? How long? But these guys were ready to die. In other words, they were saying we will die first before Jonathan will die. We will defend him with our lives. That how helpers of destiny do.

So, the bible said “So the men rescued Jonathan and he was not put to death.” Rescued him and he was not put to death. There was one time I was still the President of the campus followership then and it was a time Christians were being killed and I was at home, I don’t speak Hausa and I don’t understand the language but there was someone, my next-door neighbor that speaks Hausa and understands the language, so he was coming back in the night and then he walked past some that were gathered together and they were deliberating on me. They were planning on how to kill me, so he heard their conversation and he came to tell me, even though I was very stubborn, and I told him, oh they said I should not come out, I will go out. You know those faith, the kind of faith we use to have in those days and I still went out. But the thing is he heard what they were saying. Even if I had walked past them, I wouldn’t have heard. I wouldn’t have heard what they were saying. But God positioned him there, if not anything, he helped me to know the way to pray. At least if not for any other thing, I knew that some people were planning to kill me. So, I prayed but I didn’t allow them to lock me up like somebody was locked up in his house with all of his authority for how many weeks. They said Oga it is not safe for you to go out and Oga stayed indoors. So, helpers of destiny will protect and defend you. They will strengthen you.

Psalm ch 18 vs 34-35….What has made me great? “You stooped down to make me great.” Helpers of destiny will direct your paths. Genesis ch 37 vs 15. You remember the story of Joseph as Joseph was going on the journey to destiny and he got into the wilderness and he got lost. Vs 15 ……And a certain man found him and asked him, what seekest thou? When you read down, Joseph said I am looking for my brothers. He was already headed towards the wrong direction. He said they are not there. They went this way because I heard them when they were saying let us go this way. So, initially they planned going this way but by the time they changed their itinerary, no signal was sent to Joseph but God positioned somebody there that picked the signal. So, when he got to that place where he was lost, the man said I heard when they said let us go this way, so don’t go that way, go this way. So, helpers of destiny will direct your steps. They will reroute your steps.

I pray for you, on your destiny road, you will not get lost in the name of Jesus.

Now, two things the Devil does when it comes to helpers of destiny

No 1. He tries to prevent people from seeing their helpers of destiny. He prevents people from meeting their helpers of destiny. When their helpers of destiny are going to the right, he pushes them to the left. They will never get to meet, Sometimes, when they meet, he blindfolds them. They won’t be able to identify them. Is either they look down on them or they just walk away. Some people meet their helpers and they never know that these are helpers.

I pray for you that every plan to separate you from your helpers of destiny, the Lord will frustrate it in the name of Jesus. You will find favor before your helpers in Jesus name.

Because some people will still stand before their helpers and they don’t find favor. Something just resists helpers from helping them but for you, you will find favor before your helpers in Jesus name.

When you get home, read 1st Samuel10 vs 2-4. It is a story of Saul. After Saul left Samuel, he began to walk into helpers of destiny. Those that were willingly to give him food. Those that were willingly to give him good news.  He was just walking into them.

I pray for you that before you express that need, the people that will supply, the Lord will position them for you in the name of Jesus.

How Do You Activate Your Destiny Helpers?


  1. Go out of your way to help others. Be a helper to someone’s else life and vision. You want to attract helpers in life, be a helper to others too. Galatians5: 7-8… Everyone who plants selfishness. What is the meaning of selfishness? I, Me and Myself. The only person you think of every time is yourself. It says all he will have to show for his life will be weeds. Meaning that helpers of destiny will be far from him. When you shut your heart to the needs of others, God will shut the heart of others to your needs. So, be a helper to someone’s else life. Help another person’s vison if you want God to position people to help out with your own vision too.
  2. If you want to activate your destiny helpers, learn to appreciate people. Do not look down on anyone. Never despise anyone. Place value on anyone that comes your way. 2nd Kings 5: 1-4. If somebody had told Naaman that that slave girl in his house, the maid of his wife will be the solution or link to the cure of his leprosy, he would never have believed. And would you know that Naaman didn’t go asking her. She was the one that just said it aloud. I am sure Naaman must have been very nice to her. And then out of empathy, she said “Oh, if only this man can go to Israel, there is a prophet there that will cure him.” When Naaman was told, he could have said, “This one? What does she know? What do you know about leprosy. Or he will say, “Oh, you are yabbing me. That I am a leprous man.” He didn’t look down on her. He took her word seriously, went to this king and said, “Look, the little girl in my house said this, give me a letter to the king of Israel, I want to go and meet with that prophet.” He took the words of the small girl seriously. So, don’t look down on people because you would have by passed all your helpers of destiny without knowing looking down on people. Don’t be too high minded.
  3. Do not be a betrayer. Be a loyalist. When you betray others, others will come around to betray you. Those that will be loyal to you, they will be far from you. They will say “That man, don’t try it with him, you will regret if you help him. He is always biting the fingers that fed him. Do not go around him.” And they will tell everybody and they will say “Oh, really, he is like that.” So, when they push your files to their tables, they will just push it and put other files on top or they will open their drawer and push it inside and close the drawer. They will look for the file everywhere, they won’t see it because somebody have told them something negative about you.
  4. Be humble. Humility will attract tom you helpers of destiny. They just look at you and they just love your way of life. They like the way you carry yourself. They will pluck out their eyes for you. They just like humility. But when you are puffed up, you would have abused that man, you wont know he is the MD of the company you are going for interview, like a video clip I watched, by the time you get tom the company, they call you in for interview and you suddenly become gentle. By that time, it would have been too late. So, humble yourself. Humility will bring helpers to you. Helpers will come. The high and the mighty, the old and the young alike will come around you to help you. When you see a humble man, they hardly get stuck. Hardly. People will come to their rescue. So, humble yourself. That is why the hall mark of Christianity is humility. Humble yourself because no matter the height you think you have gained today, there is a higher place you can get to. Be humble.
  5. Exhibit a spirit of understanding. One of the things I have found so interesting and I have seen it happen over and over again, someone you have been hindering help to over the years, just because you are not able to render help one time, you become their enemy. Just one time. They will forget all the other times. Such people, they don’t get people around to help them. You should have sense of understanding. When someone says I am not in a position to do, understand with the person. What you don’t know is this; they won’t feel at ease, they will be looking for ways to meet up that need. So, at the slightest opportunity that they have what it takes to meet up that need, they will call you. But if you don’t show understanding, maybe you abuse them, or you say something, when the resources come, they look in other direction and they give other people. So, show understanding. And those of us who are of that habit, stop it, it is not good. Somebody helped you just yesterday, now because the person says to you today I don’t have, the person has now become a bad person. You say that is how they do, because God has blessed them now, they won’t help other people but the person has just helped you yesterday, that is wickedness.
  6. Learn to say thank you. For some of us, it doesn’t exist in our dictionary. In fact, sometimes you may have to look at some people a second time before they say thank you. You just do something and they want you walk away and you are like “are you…..” And they just say thank you sir. Something have registered in the mind of that person. They say “This one, he doesn’t have a sense of appreciation.” Learn to say thank you. Over little things, say thank you. Say thank you so much that the person will be asking, “Ah is it because of that small thing I gave you?” Now the person will be willingly to do more for you when the person is in the position to do. But some of us don’t know how to say thank you.
  7. Show yourself friendly. Proverbs 18:24. You know, because a man that has friends who doesn’t show himself friendly, all his friends will go. They will go one after the other. You want to keep friends around you, you must show yourself friendly. You want to keep helpers around, show yourself friendly. That how to keep them. Whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

Let me conclude by telling us; how far you go in life is a function of the company of helpers that you keep. It is not a function of your strength. It is not a function of your intellect. Not at all. It is a function of the company of helpers you keep around you.  When you read the book of Mark ch 2, you find the story of that man his four friends carried. Very interesting story. Go and read it. For them to have carried him on his mat, you can use the word bed, they carried him with the bed to the roof top, that is not an easy task. They didn’t have the kind of technology we have these days, they must have used rope to carry it and you know when you are pulling something against gravity, you are doing a very difficult task because as he is going up, the weight is increasing and they pulled him up. They got up, they met the roof, they broke the roof and they still lowered him before Jesus. That is why that man was not healed because of his friends, he was healed because of his friends. It is not even unlikely that Jesus knew one of those guys, so when he looked up, he said “Oh Peter, you are here, you are one of them. It is your friend, ok I will do it for him.” And he was healed.

My prayer for you is that as God brings helpers around you, you will not with your own attitude chase them away in the mighty name of Jesus.

I want you to pray to God that every day of your life. You won’t be without help. That God will surround you with helpers. That from the four wings of the earth, that those whom God have touched to help you will come to you. That the hearts of men whom God has touched to be of help to you in life will come to you and help you.  Also, pray to God that if there are helpers of destiny that you have driven away by your attitude and by the way you related with them, that the Lord by His mercy should bring them back. If they are those that you have driven away by the way you reacted to them, related to them, by the way you spoke to them, that now that the Lord have opened your eyes on what it takes to keep destiny helpers, that the Lord will bring them back to you. They are those who have been blessings to you but they have turned their backs on you, I want you to pray to God and say Father, bring them back. Those you have enjoyed favor with, now you don’t have their face any more, I want you to pray and say Father, bring them back to me. There are places you used to go to get jobs there, get contracts there but you can’t get anything anymore because of some things that have happened, you can pray to God and say father please help me to gain favor again with these helpers in the name of Jesus.

I pray that every destiny helper you have lost, the Lord will bring back to you in the mighty name of Jesus.  Father, I ask oh God that in the strength of your word, that as you go forth from here, every day, beginning from the breaking of the new day tomorrow, let them come to you, helpers of destiny and let them greatly help you until you become very great and until you become very powerful in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you, mighty Father in the mighty name of Jesus.


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