Communion of Dominion


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MESSAGE: Lead Pastor, Peter Balogun


Genesis 27:30-40


  1. I praise God because i come from a poor family where nobody could even own a bicycle but I decided that I must break the yoke and drive a car. I went to driving school and even had some dreams in which I was driving. I enrolled for driving school and to the glory of God, I have graduated. Praise God.
  2. I bless God for his miracle in the life of my colleague who was always falling ill for a long time. Whenever we have communion I always take some for him and since the beginning of the year, he has not fallen ill.
  3. Last year October someone placed poison for me to cross and my left leg started to pain me so much. I came for communion service and took some home. The Holy Spirit told me to put the communion on my leg which I did. The next morning, the Holy Spirit kept telling me to keep applying the communion to my leg. Before long, that poison left.
  4. I thank God for protection. A thief came to my house at around 4am this morning and I could hear God’s voice, telling me to stand up and dress up. Something told me to get up and check my window and when I checked, i saw that my net had been torn. I went to the kitchen and saw someone enter and the person went to that same window which he had torn, armed started. He opened the window and started flashing torchlight but he didn’t see me. He went back to the kitchen, to the bathroom and flashed the light but still didn’t see anyone. Finally I picked my phone and called my neighbor who helped me raise an alarm. The security guard came with a shovel and the thief ran way.
  5. I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I was involved in an accident in February but God preserved me. This morning, I was on twitter and I saw a post that we should post a miracle that God has done and I posted the picture of the wrecked car. It got so many retweets and I felt bad that I might have taken for granted, that miracle that God did for me. So I just want to thank God for sparing my life.


  1. Father, the dominion of the king and the glory of the king, because Jesus has made me both a priest and a king to the Lord, let it rest afresh on me tonight.
  2. Father, every of my blessings that was given away before my arrival, in the strength of this communion and by the dominion that I am taking tonight, let it find its way back to me
  3. Father, in the power of this communion of dominion, every of my blessings that has changed position away from my location, let it retrace its steps back to me in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, whatever yoke that has been placed over my neck- yokes of sickness, afflictions, troubles- in the strength of this communion, break it off my neck!


  1. Wherever blessings have changed position away from your location, such blessings will come back to you in the name of Jesus
  2. That dominion you need to break every yoke that has been placed over your life, subjecting you to people that should be under you, the Lord will give it to you tonight in the name of Jesus
  3. Not a single yoke that has locked you down to servitude will remain on your neck after this communion tonight in the name of Jesus #PPB#TCCOnline#CommunionService#CommunionOfDominion
  4. Those that have gone way ahead of you and are looking at you at the back with ridicule and mockery, before they turn their nack, they will see you ahead of them in Jesus name

Genesis 1:26-28


God could have blessed man to be fruitful without giving him dominion over everything but he did not. God cast the devil down to the earth. If in his power he could confront and wage war against God, so much so that he could take away a third of the angels in heaven then you can imagine how deadly he is #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


God had it in mind that a contender had been sent to the earth so when God created man, he gave him that upper hand over the devil. God gave man dominion over all the earth including the devil himself. God created a space for man tagged; “dominion” and he let man understand that the only way he can triumph on earth is to have dominion. Even after God had blessed man, he knew that the blessings will be short lived if man could not maintain the position of dominion #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


There is no way you can fulfill your destiny in life without having dominion. Dominion is having power, authority or control over something or someone. If you are not in control, you are being controlled. Dominion is an understanding of your place and your right in God. When a man walks in the full consciousness of the fact that he can achieve whatever God has said he can achieve, that man is operating in dominion #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


Genesis 37:8

Life takes on a different look when a man begins to operate in dominion. There is in nothing called impossibility in the dictionary of that man. The enemy does not want you in dominion. What made Joseph’s brothers to do the things they did is because they did not want him to have dominion. His brothers hated him and planned for his downfall but because Joseph understood his dominion, every attempt made over his life only moved him closer to his destiny. They thought that by taking Jesus to the cross, they ended his destiny. They did not know that it only took him to the place of his destiny #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


Genesis 27& 33

When you begin to operate in dominion, the world will hate and envy you but they cannot stop you. Jacob went to his father and took the blessings of Esau. Many people think Esau lost it all but in Genesis 33, we are made to understand that Jacob bowed to Esau. Jacob had no choice but to recognize Esau as his lord and bow before him seven times. Esau also had enough that he told Jacob to keep his present. Esau did not fight Jacob because he had become wealthy destiny #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion

When you walk in dominion, situations and circumstances recognize you. No man prevails over the man that has dominion  #PPB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


Stop fighting unnecessary battles, get dominion. Dominion is not about your physical placement. It is about your spiritual position
#P PB #TCCOnline #CommunionService #CommunionOfDominion


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