Conspiracy in my favor


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Genesis 37 vs 18

We all know the beginning of the story, how Joseph slept and had a dream. And in the dream, he said he saw twelve (12) sheep and one was standing while the other remaining eleven was bowing down to the one. And he told the dream to his brethren and God gave the interpretation of the dream to them and they could reason among themselves that “We are twelve in the family, the twelve sheep he saw must represent the twelve children in the family. And if he was the one that had the dream, then his own must be the one that is standing.”

Every dream that God has given to you will cause you to stand tall in the midst of your contemporaries’ name of Jesus.

Because he was the one that had the dream, his own must be the one standing. And they said “Will this boy truly rule over us” And they kept it to heart. And he slept another time and he had another dream. And then he said he saw the sun, he saw the moon and then he saw eleven stars. And then he said both the moon and the sun and the eleven stars were bowing down to his own star. And this time around, he didn’t go to his brethren to tell them the dream, he went straight to his father because this is now an advanced stage of his vision and he said to the father, hear the dream that I had and the father quickly did a simple arithmetic. “One plus one plus twelve is fourteen, we are fourteen in this family. The sun in its glory stands to represent the head of this family. It is the sun that gives light to the moon. So, he said “This moon he must be talking about is my wife. Stars are children. Eleven must refer to the other children in the family.” And he also said “Does it mean both myself, my wife and all his brethren would bow before him?” And he said “Don’t say it to any other person because if they hear this, it might just be the end of your life.”

There are dreams that must never be shared. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know what to say and not what to say. Many of us have given out our dreams to dream killers. Many of us have shared our visions with people that we thought loved us but unknown to us are the greatest enemies of our progress. You have shared with them the beautiful ideas of how you want to quickly step out of the office to go and advance yourself academically so that when you come back, your promotion can be easy. And they say we will help him to get out of the system but he will never come back to the system. Many of us have revealed to people the things that should have been conceived.

And the brethren of Joseph began to think of a way to stop his dream from coming to pass. And one day an opportunity presents itself. Joseph was asked by the father to go and look out for the welfare of the brethren in the wilderness and while he was going, the bible said they saw him from a distance and they said “Here comes the dreamer.” Some of us don’t know that when you get into the office, when people greet you with a smile, what they are saying on their minds is “Hmm, your friend has come again.” They will say “Look at him, he wants to become the next MD.” And the greet you with a smile. The heart of man, the bible says above all things is wicked.

And they said here comes the dreamer. And they began to plan “What do we do with him? Somebody said, let’s kill him. Another person said, if we should kill him, what do we say to our father? They said we will tell our father one wild beast pounced on him. You can imagine what goes on the mind of children born of the same father and the same mother. How readily those thoughts came to their mind. The bond of brotherhood couldn’t stop the thoughts from coming. Some of us have wondered “How can my mother that gave birth to me think this evil about me? When it comes to wickedness, the blood bond does not have anything to do. And one said let’s throw him into one pit, he will die of thirst. And several suggestions came up on how to kill one man.

It will interest you to know that your adversaries have a thousand and one method that they have plotted to deal with you. And so, Joseph got there and you know the story from there. But unknown to them, God allowed that conspiracy to move Joseph to the place where his destiny would be fulfilled.

Every negative thing that they have said behind you, God will turn it around to work in your favor in the name of Jesus.

God was watching as they were making their plans. And God was helping them to make the best of plans. And suddenly the Ishmaelites were coming and God entered into one of them with a thought and said “Instead of killing your brother, you will be guilty of his blood, why not sell him into slavery?” And all of them gathered together and said this was a better idea. Another conspiracy. And they said we will sell him into slavery. Many of us are in slavery today because our own brethren sold us out. There is a saying in my language, that if internal death does kill, the external one cannot kill.  So, they sold him out and they were happy that at the end of the day, his dream will never come to pass. But except it is not a dream that is given by God. Every God given dream must find expression whether man likes it or not. Except it is not God that has given that dream to you. And that is why it is necessary for us to x-ray every dream and every plan that we have to be sure which one is from God and which one is from us.

If it is from God, time may lapse but God’s plan for your life will come to pass. Maybe by conspiracy, you have been moved out of a place where things can happen for you, but I want to say to you this morning, relax because that conspiracy is going to be in your favor at the end of the day. Maybe all your in-laws have gathered hands together, in fact they have made your home the headquarters of their plans, relax.

Every conspiracy against your home, the lord will scatter it in the name of Jesus. Leave that woman, she said she is your in-law but has come to take your seat in that place, leave her because when the time comes, in fact you won’t lift a finger, before she will run out of that house in the name of Jesus.

So, joseph was sold into slavery, and as soon as he was getting into Egypt, before he got into Potiphar’s house, another conspiracy took place in the palace of Pharaoh, the baker and the butler were all roped into it and they were pushed into prison.  One was guilty and the other was not but the two of them had to be in prison because there is a man that two of them must meet in other for his dream to come to pass. I don’t want to take time on that, Joseph got into prison and he set free the one that was wrongly accused and then he found himself before Pharaoh.  But just before then, God also gave Pharaoh a dream. That wouldn’t be the first time Pharaoh was having a dream. He has always got interpretation for all his dreams but for this one, nobody could interpret it.

Even the deities of the land, all of them agreed together, that look “The meaning of this dream must not be giving to anybody.”  That the sorcerers in the land couldn’t find the meaning to the dream. May I tell you something, the devil knew about that dream. The devil knew the meaning of that dream but he couldn’t pass the meaning through his medium to the sorcerers because God said this one must not be revealed to anybody except Joseph. And Joseph was given the interpretation of the dream and eventually Joseph became the prime minister in Egypt. God set up famine in his home town and the brethren had to come. You know the end of the story, even the father and mother had to come. And all of them bowed down before him.

What started as conspiracy against him became the ladder that took him to the place of the fulfillment of destiny.

I pray for you, you have been going through a lot of pain and hardship because people conspired against you, but I decree by the spirit of the Lord, that that same conspiracy will become the ladder that you will climb to the fulfilment of the place of destiny in the name of Jesus.

Conspiracies can be arranged in your favor. In the book of Esther, it happened. When you read the book of Esther ch 1.. let me show us a verse there. You know when God operates, you wonder what kind of a God he is.  Esther ch 1 vs 10… the bible said “On the seventh day when the heart of the King was merry with wine….” Should I give you my own interpretation? When the heart of the king was taken over by spirits. The king was drunk. You know why the call alcoholic wine spirits is because there are demons in the bottle. Those of us that still drink alcoholic drinks, you don’t know what you are doing to yourself, you are loading yourself with demons. How can you be a Christian, you are still taking beer? You are demonic. You are possessed. You are taking alcohol, in fact you are just helping the devil to load you up with demons. In fact, people will see you and will wonder what kind of God you say you are serving.

So, the king become demonized. He was loaded up and then look at what followed up…And then he commanded seven men. Very abnormal. He needed to send seven men to Vashti. You know why? Because what he was asking Vashti to do was out of the normal. And he knew that naturally, Vashti will refuse it. So, he sent seven men to his own wife. He sent seven men and said, go and bundle her. Tell her to come and show part of her beauty. That thing that I am the only one enjoying, let others enjoy too because the man was loaded up. You know why you slapped your wife the last time, because you were loaded up. And the seven of them went into Vashti’s bedroom and said “Oh queen.” Under normal condition, none of them could have had access to Vashti.  But the seven of them went there because God was setting up a conspiracy. And they said to her, the king want you and she says for what, they said come and display your beauty. And she said how? And they said the way you display it to the king and Vashti said I would rather lose my seat as a queen than for me to do that. If you were in the shoes of Vashti and you know what integrity and dignity is all about, you would have done the same thing. And Vashti said I won’t do that. You will say my husband loves it when you wear clothe and half of your breasts is out, you don’t have dignity. You can lecture your husband that that is not befitting.

And Vashti said no no, I am not going t to do that. And God just arranged everything like that because Vashti must go out of the palace.

Two lessons I want us to learn from there. Number one is that God can orchestrate events that will make a man to behave the way he would never have behaved. And number two, there is nobody that God cannot uproot for you to be planted.

So, we are going to use those two points to pray this morning, that everybody that must misbehave in other for the seats to become vacant for me to take over, Father let the person misbehave.

When you read Genesis ch 41 vs 37… Let’s go to 1st Samuel ch 16 vs 4 You know the end of the story. David was not in the picture. David was not among those that were sanctified. David was not among those that were called unto the sacrifice yet everything that they were doing was for David to be installed as king.

I don’t know whom I am speaking to here, your name may not have made the nomination list, maybe they have not considered you for nomination at all, in fact you are not going through ant screening because you don’t have to go through the screening. David was never in the picture at all from the beginning but at the end of the day, he became the one in which everyone has gathered. I want to stand and prophesy to somebody that even though you have not been considered, at the end of the day, you will be the one that will take the honor in the name of Jesus.

He sanctified the sons of Jesse, David was no regarded as a son otherwise Jesse would have said to Samuel, it remained one of my children.

They have forgotten about you, don’t worry it is God’s agenda. God is just hiding you from unnecessary so that when the time of your lifting comes, they won’t know when you will get to that place. It will happen to you in the name of Jesus.

And this same David, he started the process, and it was time for David to outshine Saul and God went to the camp of the Philistine, and he said to them, the way and manner in which battles are fought will change today. The army of Israel and the army of the Philistines have set camp and suddenly Goliath came out and he said, send me a man from your camp, let it be a battle between one man and another man but the two of us will determine the faith of our nations. If I defeat that man, all of you will become our slaves, if that man defeats me, then all of us will become your slaves. Because Goliath had looked through the land of Israel, the only person that one could say is also huge and tall was Saul. And Saul for fear already had ran out and so he looked at that place and there was nobody else that could face him. He never knew that God was setting him up and then David came out because was looking for an occasion to move David from where nobody recognized him to the place of significance.

Except what happened in that place happened, nobody would have given support to the kingship of David. Nobody would have done that. In Jesse’s house, there was contention over his appointment. His brethren couldn’t see any reason why David should be king how much more the entire country. And God set up a scenario and you know the end of the story. Goliath came down. David became the champion. And people began to sing: Saul had killed in hundreds and David had killed in thousands. And you know there was no better campaign than that. And you know the people that were singing the song, women. And you know women are powerful. All the women in the land including Saul’s wives were singing, they said as far as we are concerned, the only person that can defend our land is David so naturally David moved on from there and he became established as king.

I want to pray for you because I believe there is a place of prominence that is waiting for you, because I believe that there is a place of significance that is waiting for you, I stand under God to make a decree that what will happen that will take you to that place, the Lord will cause it to happen in the name of Jesus.

Decisions that will be taken out of the ordinary, that will favor your strength, that will favor your area of qualification, the Lord will cause it to be taken it he name of Jesus.

I pray for you, any man or woman that stands as an opposition and a threat to the place of your significance, the Lord will bring him down for you in the name of Jesus.

I see a man, 61 days counting from today, that higher seat that you are looking at, that is almost becoming like it is not going tom happen, the Lord said you will sit comfortably on it and it will happen in the name of Jesus. I see a very big seat, very big seat and the Lord said 61 days counting from now, comfortably you will sit on that seat in the name of Jesus.

Now, the final prayer you want to pray because as God is setting up conspiracies, the devil also does his own. You are going to pray; any conspiracy from the camp of my adversaries that will cause me to misbehave in other for me to lose hold of that which I have, Father, in the name of Jesus, let it be scattered. They want you to say things you shouldn’t say, they want you to do things you shouldn’t do, they want you to go to places you shouldn’t go, they want you to write things you shouldn’t write, pray to God that it wouldn’t work. They want to set you against your husband, they want to set your husband against you, they want to set your boss against you, pray to God that it will not work. They want to set most of your business associates against you, your partners, they want to set their faces against you, pray that it will not work in the name of Jesus.

Thank you, Father. Thank you, Lord. And every prayer that you have raised, the Lord will establish it for you in the name of Jesus. Conspiracy of any form, either from the pit of hell or from the camp of God will work in your favor in the name of Jesus.

By conspiracy, Joseph made it to the throne, by conspiracy, David made it to the throne, every conspiracy against you will take you to the place of honor in the name of Jesus. So shall it be in the name of Jesus.

Somebody shout conspiracy will work in my favor in the name of Jesus.


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