2 Chronicles 16:9: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him”.

The God we serve is so mighty, so strong that He can do all things. Every day, God seeks opportunities to do great things for His children – especially those who put their trust in Him. When your heart is perfect towards God, He looks out for you at your weakest point to exhibit His divine strength. This is what is called miracle. No doubt, we all need miracles this year to survive. May God grant you miracles daily, in Jesus’ Name!

Miracles are the mighty acts of God, the marvelous things He does to the glory of His name alone. They are events beyond the human power, supernatural occurrences that cannot be explained by human knowledge. Let your heart be perfect towards God, so He might show Himself strong on your behalf. Since miracles work contrary to human reasoning, you expect the unusual or the unexpected to happen whenever you are praying for a miracle. Your senses cannot plan or make miracles happen. Miracles always work against the natural reasoning of a man. When you come to God asking for miracles, you must be willing to reason against all human reasoning permutations! Does that make any sense to you? That is what makes it a miracle – reasoning against human calculations! Beloved, God still works miracles. May you enjoy His miracles this year in Jesus’ Name.

God showing Himself strong on your behalf means you have been struggling with something, and it has become obvious your power cannot help with it. What is that area of your struggle? Are you already getting frustrated? All you need do is to cry out to God to show Himself strong on your behalf. The Bible says: ‘for when we are weak, He is strong…’ (2 Corinthians 12:10) I know you had so many aborted dreams and desires last year. Never mind, God is the One who restores. He can still help you accomplish those things in this New Year. You just keep crying to Him and keep believing on Him. Even when your mind tells you something different, choose to go with whatever the Lord says. Can you not see? He is looking out for opportunities to perform miracles in your life. Will you give Him the chance? As we go through this year, let us draw nearer to Him with our hearts.

Let us serve Him in truth. Live a daily life of sacrifice. Fulfill all your obligations as a child of God: pay your tithes; give good offerings; support the work of the kingdom; fellowship regularly with the brethren. This year, do not sacrifice your fellowship with God for the pursuit of money! It is surely going to be a wonderful year for the faithful. I want to pray for you as your Pastor and the prophet God has set over your soul: ‘your life will never be cut short this year in Jesus’ Name! There will be peace and joy in your home this year in Jesus’ Name! Every evil plan of the devil for you and your family is destroyed now by fire in Jesus’ Name! You will not be alone this year; helpers of destiny will flock around you in Jesus’ Name! God will cause you to abound in every good thing in Jesus’ Name! You will surely swim in the ocean of abundance this year in Jesus’ Name! Miracles shall be daily occurrences in your life and your family this year in Jesus’ Name.’

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